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The Sweetheart Club is for you if:

  • You like Happy Mail
  • Enjoy Stickers and Bookmarks
  • Love having small gifts to bless others with
  • Want to support a small business!


The Sweetheart Club is a monthly parcel that will be shipped during the second week of each month.  This parcel will include the following themed items:

  • An inspirational quote card
  • Magnetic Bookmark
  • 4 waterproof stickers


From time to time, you may receive bonus items in your parcel as an extra nugget of love from me to you!  Please note that this is a reoccuring monthly payment and is non-refundable.


Whether you keep it or gift it, each parcel be encouraging and fun!  Monthly themes will be announced during the 3rd week of the previous month on social media.  You can follow me @shoplovesweetheart

or through my FB Group:  Love Sweetheart Exclusive!

The Sweetheart Club

PriceFrom $4.99
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
The Sweetheart Club
A Monthly Parcel
$4.99every month until canceled
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